Image of FloFilz - Metronom - LP+MP3 (MELTING POT)

FloFilz - Metronom - LP+MP3 (MELTING POT)

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FloFilz is one of the most promising newcomers on the German beatmaker scene. His sound is deeply rooted in the Low End Theory (Tribe not LA) school of beats and his tracks regularly hit
the six-digit plays mark on Soundcloud. FloFilz grew up in Belgium and lives currently in Aachen where his studies violin. When it comes to his own beats, jazz reigns supreme over nearly any other music. „Metronom“ is his first official album and we are delighted to release it on Melting Pot Music.

Side A
1. Wandfarbe (Cuts: fLOwTEC)
2. Veturna
3. Brückenmarkt
4. Mercerie
5. Rue D'Orsel
6. Nomind
7. Late Night Cruise
8. Métro
9. Nutzlast

Side B
1. Heimweh
2. Rooftops (Cuts: 12Vince)
3. Papillon
4. Zuckerhut
5. La Seine
6. Vigal (Saxophon: Anthony Drawn)
7. Oregano
8. Fake Acts
9. La coppa del Jazz