Image of Henry 'Junjo' Lawes Junjo Presents: Heavyweight Dub Champion - 2LP (GREENSLEEVES)

Henry 'Junjo' Lawes Junjo Presents: Heavyweight Dub Champion - 2LP (GREENSLEEVES)

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The official re-issue of the dub classic "Heavyweight Dub Champion" available as extended 2LP vinyl-set with 20 tracks and poster. The original album from 1980 has been state-of-the-art remastered and is twinned with a second disc of the original vocal versions. All music recorded at Channel One with the Roots Radics and mixed by Scientist at King Tubby's studio with producer Henry "Junjo" Lawes.

Side One
A1. Seconds Away (Roots Radics)
A2. Straight Left (Roots Radics)
A3. Upper Cut (Roots Radics)
A4. Kidney Punch (Roots Radics)
A5. Saved By The Bell (Roots Radics)
Side Two
B1. Right Cross (Roots Radics)
B2. Jab (Roots Radics)
B3. One Two (Roots Radics)
B4. Below The Belt (Roots Radics)
B5. Knock Out (Roots Radics)
Side Three
C1. Many Changes in Life (Barrington Levy)
C2. You Come To Ask What Love Is (Barrington Levy)
C3. Robin Hood (Barrington Levy)
C4. Gonna Tell Your Girlfriend (Barrington Levy)
C5. Na Broke No Fight Over No Woman (Barrington Levy)
Side Four
D1. Like How You Kiss and Caress Me (Barrington Levy)
D2. Rock And Come In (Barrington Levy)
D3. Why Did You Leave Me (Barrington Levy)
D4. Love Sister Carol (Barrington Levy)
D5. The Letter Song (Barrington Levy)