Image of Linval Thompson Linval Presents: Encounters Pac Man - 2LP (GREENSLEEVES)

Linval Thompson Linval Presents: Encounters Pac Man - 2LP (GREENSLEEVES)

19.50 / On Sale

The official re-issue of the dub classic "Encounters Pac Man" available as extended 2LP vinyl-set with 20 tracks and poster. The original album from 1982 has been state-of-the-art remastered and is twinned with a second disc of the original vocal versions. All recordings recorded at Channel One with the Roots Radics and mixed by Scientist at King Tubby's with producer Linval Thomspon.

Side One
A1. Under Surveillance (Roots Radics)
A2. Prince's Wrath (Roots Radics)
A3. Space Invaders Re-Group (Roots Radics)
A4. World Cup Squad Lick Their Wounds (Roots Radics)
A5. Vampire Initiative (Roots Radics)
Side Two
B1. Malicious Intent (Roots Radics)
B2. The Dark Side Of The Box (Roots Radics)
B3. Man Trap (Roots Radics)
B4. S.O.S. (Roots Radics)
B5. Look Out Behind You! (Roots Radics)
Side Three
C1. Sensee Party (Eek-A-Mouse)
C2. Things Couldn't Be The Same (Linval Thompson)
C3. My Love (Dennis Brown)
C4. Are You Ready? (Linval Thompson)
C5. Can't Stop Us Now (Viceroys)
Side Four
D1. Do You Remember? (Eek-A-Mouse)
D2. Carpenter Rebuild (Meditations)
D3. Time Is Important (Viceroys)
D4. Talk Of The Town (Linval Thompson)
D5. Holding On To My Girlfriend (Linval Thompson)