Image of Richenel - La Diferencia - 12" (MUSIC FROM MEMORY)

Richenel - La Diferencia - 12" (MUSIC FROM MEMORY)

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MFM is proud to announce the first Dutch artist on Music From Memory and our first release of 2017. MFM017 will be a six track EP from Richenel. Richenel’s first album ‘La Diferencia’ was released on the obscure Dutch cassette label Fetisj in 1982. Recorded amongst the turmoiled punk and squatter scene of Amsterdam by musicians who had all connected through the Rietveld art academy, the ‘La Diferencia’ sessions reflect a unique mix of punk aesthetics with a synthesized ‘bedroom’ funkiness. Following on from this obscure release, Richenel would go on to record a number of successful albums and hit singles in the Netherlands and beyond. The six track EP holds a selection of tracks from the original cassette as well as alternative versions and two previously unreleased songs. More Fetisj news to follow.

1. Autumn
2. Slave Of The Body _ Mind.
3. I Won't Bite
4. Gentle Friend
5. Baby Please
6. La Diferencia