Image of Suso Sáiz - Rainworks - 2LP (MUSIC FROM MEMORY)

Suso Sáiz - Rainworks - 2LP (MUSIC FROM MEMORY)

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Following last year's compilation of archival recordings by Suso Saiz titled Odisea, Music From Memory are thrilled to mark their 20th release to date with an album of new works by the Spanish electronic music pioneer. Recorded in Madrid between January and February 2016, this is Suso Saiz's first release of new music in nearly 10 years.
Titled Rainworks this double LP release was originally part of a commission from a Canary Islands water company. The first ideas for the compositions developed from a documentary that Suso had seen suggesting the possibility of water molecules having their own memory. As Suso himself explains, he became fascinated with the possibility of an eternal being, changing its cyclical condition from solid to gaseous state, travelling through and between the Earth and the Sky, as a witness and keeper of the true history of Earth and Mankind.