Image of The Vibe Drops - Higher Frequency - LP (TRAD VIBE)

The Vibe Drops - Higher Frequency - LP (TRAD VIBE)

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The Vibe Drops (Emcee G Roc Gayle & Moar) presents Higher Frequency vinyl LP. The album features guest vocals from Rita J and Finsta (Finsta Bundy). Also live instrumentation from Remi Schnell on guitar and Jean Louis Potin on the Flute. The Vibe Drops explore with various sound vibrations, live instrumentation, turntablism, records, sampling and advance lyrical content: rhymes, word-play and poetry, blended to perfection with the beats. The Vibe Drops drops first musical offering Higher Frequency will have the listener fulfilled, hoping the message comes across and resonates to move, elevate, in order to cope and defeat the everyday stressors of life. Higher Frequency delivers boom bap, jazz hop and soulful Hip-Hop stimulation for the mind, body and soul.