Image of Various - Cosmic Void - LP (Block Opera)

Various - Cosmic Void - LP (Block Opera)

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16 renowned producers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland combined talents to deliver a unique acoustic testament of our time to posterity. “Cosmic Void” blends elements of Hip-Hop, Electronica, Boombap, Lo-Fi, Ambient, 808, Experimental, Trip-Hop and Pop into a stimulating soundscape, presenting the many facets of instrumental Hip-Hop in 2019.

Exclusive contributions by 7apes, Robot Orchestra, Brenk Sinatra, NiteNite, the intern, Torky Tork, Drum Quixote, Enaka, Cap Kendricks, Dexter, Funky Notes, Twit One, Dienst&Schulter, Maniac, Smoke Trees and Dead Rabbit turn “Cosmic Void” into a must-have for Beat-Art-enthusiasts. Produced and designed meticulously, each Cosmic Void’s packaging is handmade. Limited to 500 vinyl copies.