Image of Ana Helder - Nuevas Preferencias EP - 12" (Müstique)

Ana Helder - Nuevas Preferencias EP - 12" (Müstique)

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A great strong man with a brush in his hand once said: everything you can imagine is real and art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. So is making music just another form of keeping a diary? In terms of Ana Helder, the Argentinian girl with the special twist, the answer is: maybe. More than two years after her last release on Cómeme she is back with a hand full of tracks. Five to be precise. She got more, but this is what the Müstique’s received. They are mean, dirty, harmful, amorevolous, seductive and addictive. Surrender tunes from a producer and DJ that does not think in boxes. Her three Eps “El Groove De Tu Corazón”, “Fiebre De Marte” and “Beating PC” mark some warped grooving heights in the edgy catalogue of Matias Aguayo’s label Cómeme. Also on the French label Astro Lab she already dropped the 12inch “Soy Canalla” with a playful psyche tune, that additionally got remixed by folks like Les Disques De La Mort seducer Ivan Smagghe or the mysterious West-German ghost-(w)rid(t)er Frank West. Furthermore, she re-tuned tunes from Chilean friends like Alejandro Paz or Mamacita and sang on songs of colleagues. For Müstique she now looked into her always-growing production crate and found some post-punk waving funk odes, which want more than just to dance this mess around. They bring soulful LSD-melodies for Jazz lovers with techno legs that like to get high on Liquid Liquid. They are electronic but yet so organic. And they move deeply while spreading the feel of a meditative rest. When Diagnose heard them first, he came to the idea of writing a script for a flick that tells the story of a music-making machine, which has more to offer than answers. It forms sound with no traces of reality, but is so human that humans fear it. Why did he think that way? Only because of what Ana Helder recently got to say?
Well, let the music play…

A1. Nuevas Preferencias
A2. Inner Motion
B1. Deconstructivista
B2. Sexe
B3. Zapas
All music written and composed by Ana Helder. Featuring on A2, B1 and B3 drums by Ani Castoldi and bass guitar by Valentin Prieto.