Image of Dexter - The Trip (Gatefold Cover + MP3) - LP (MELTING POT MUSIC)

Dexter - The Trip (Gatefold Cover + MP3) - LP (MELTING POT MUSIC)

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Tune in, turn on, drop out! "The Trip" is Dexter's long-awaited follow-up to his seminal "Jazz Files" album. The German gold & platinum producer (Casper , Cro) and Hi-Hat Club member is letting his hair down by turning the late 60ties psychedlic rock sound into hip-hop. "The Trip" is all about free love, LSD, hash, fuzz guitars, tablas and revolution and at the same time probably one of the most free-thinking hip-hop albums of 2013. Dexter's music has been in its own cloud for a while now, but none of his previous records have been as far-out as "The Trip". With a concept similar the "The Jazz Files" Dexter is telling his personal psych story, one that been triggered by his diggin habits. "I like nearly every music from the late 60ties", he says, "My whole musical spectrum has been shaped by this era. It was a time when everything was in progress - art, film, music, society. And I wanted to bring this vibe across on this album." Artwork comes from Robert (photos) and Gizem Winter (illustrations). The first single from "The Trip" will be "Pictures" and featurew Berlin singer Josa Peit on vocals.

Side A
1. Once Again Back (Tune In) 02:34
2. San Francisco H feat. DJ Adlib 02:24
3. Walk With Us 01:34
4. Psychedelic Club Scene 01:53
5. Witch/Room 02:03
6. Rainbow Flight 02:04
7. Teenage Mother 01:46
8. Cupcakes 01:50
9. With Ease 02:17
Side B
1. Hippie Revolt (Turn On) 02:10
2. You & I 01:25
3. Roll It, Light It, Suck It 01:42
4. Dexy Lovecraft 02:11
5. Clouds Of Zero 01:30
6. Acido (Heavyyy) 02:01
7. Never Knew 01:10
8. Pictures feat. Josa Peit 03:37
9. Summerdays (Drop Out) 02:50