Image of Dhaima - Love Lives Forever - LP (NUMERO GROUP)

Dhaima - Love Lives Forever - LP (NUMERO GROUP)

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A heady mix of digi killers, digital roots, dub, electro, and unlikely vocoder magic, Love Lives Forever is the first ever compilation of Miami reggae-notreggae diva Dhaima. The record gathers a collection of the original Natty Queen’s seminal ’80s and ’90s recordings, including her big 1982 chune “Reggae On Sunset,” the Ninakupenda-issued “Don’t Feel No Way,” the previously unreleased “Loving You Is My Thing,” and “Surrender”—the last song recorded before her untimely death in 2000. Pressed loud on black vinyl in a long-playing format to mash up your home speakerbox.

Track Listing

1. Reggae On Sunset
2. Don’t Feel No Way

1. Surrender
2. Loving You Is My Thing
3. Sweat Til Your Body’s Wet