Image of Wayne Snow - Freedom TV - LP (TARTELET)

Wayne Snow - Freedom TV - LP (TARTELET)

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After two incredible EPs, Wayne Snow — the Nigerian-born, Berlin-based vocalist and songwriter — now presents his debut album on Tartelet Records. Freedom TV is the natural sequel to the Max Graef-produced tasters Red Runner (2014) and Rosie (2015); a project marinated in Afro-Caribbean, soulful grooves and topped by Wayne’s effortless falsetto acrobatics. As the title suggests, Freedom TV is an album with themes of liberty, struggle and creative identity pumping through its veins. Within ten tracks, Snow fluently meanders between musical styles: from low-tempo soothers like album opener “Cooler” and “Fall” to the syncopated bruk of “The Rhythm” and cosmic funk escapades found on “Nothing Wrong”. Production comes from three varied and solid sources. The tag-team between Snow and fellow Berliner, Max Graef

A1. Cooler A2. Still In The Shell A3. Drunk A4. Red Runner A5. The Rhythm B1. Rosie B2. Fall B3. Nothing Wrong B4. Freedom RIP B5. Nothing But The Best